About Us

What is BICS

BICS is a national organisation constituted in 1995, dedicated to providing a national forum for the societiesin Ireland’s Universities, Colleges and Institutes of Education. The Board is responsible for the promotion of interest in the activities of Irish college societies and of contact and co-operation between them.

During the course of the past eleven years, the Board has met many of its objectives, in particular the exchange of information, and most successfully, the inauguration of the National Society of the Year Awards. BICS also acts as an information resource and support mechanism for society administrators throughout the country promoting the sharing of ideas and the implementation of best practice.


BICS Objectives

1. To provide a national forum for the administration and governing bodies of college societies.
2. To foster contact and exchange of information between these aforementioned groups.
3. To promote contact and co-operation between the societies under their administration.
4. To promote the interest of College societies throughout Ireland.
5. To promote the improvement of society support and facilities throughout the third level sector.
6. To increase knowledge of Societies in third level by research and surveys.
7. To provide support for societies in the third level sector.

Why Become a Member

Members may:

  1. Network and share ideas on best practice
  2. Get membership rates for training and networking opportunities
  3. Enter for national society awards,
  4. Adjudicators for Awards
  5. Access to our resource section on this website.
  6. Support the promotion, development and research on Societies at 3rd level
  7. Attend Board Meetings (each member appoints a student and staff board member)
  8. Participate in the Student Network (each college appoints a Student Networking Rep) who can avail of training opportunities and join the networks closed Facebook group.

How to Become a Member

Click the button below and see the list of Colleges who are on our members. If you’re from a college that is not currently a member of BICS, but would like to apply for your membership, fill in the Membership-Registration-Form and e-mail to Aoife at If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to Contact Us  at