To register as an adjudicator you need to be nominated by your college.

We are looking for adjudicators with experience judging at your own awards and at BICS who have extensive experience with Societies.

Due to Covid19 the adjudication will now be online during the first two weeks of June. The new Awards deadline is May 29th.

Adjudicators new registration here

Change to Judging Process
For this year only our judging process will be brought online. Judges are welcome to attend our rescheduled Awards banquet (and we really hope they do!) but they will not be required to be on site for the event for interviews or to view portfolios/ applications. 
We would ask for member colleges to get their judges registered here by Friday 22nd May please. Judges will be provided with application forms/ videos and digital portfolios and will have two weeks to work remotely in marking their category! 
BICS Alumni Judges

With the aim to create an experienced panel of BICS awards judges we are asking you to nominate individuals that have 3+ BICS awards adjudication experience.

  • Alumni Judges must be nominated by a member college.
  • When allocating to adjudication panel you will be considered unaffiliated to any member college.
  • You are required at least 3 years of BICS awards judging experience.
  • Acceptance as an alumni judge must be approved by the appointed Chief Adjudicators.

For information on the process download your booklet coming soon. 

See 2019 version here Adjudicator Booklet 2019 

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