BICS Board Meeting March 20

The next BICS Board Meeting is on Friday March 6th in the Sheraton Hotel in Athlone from 12pm -3pm. If you are not on our mailing list be sure to contact Kaytee our secretary at

Board Meeting Agenda

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  2. Matters Arising 
    1. Vote Judging Structure 2020 i.e trialing with 2 judges on a couple of panels
    2. Update BICS Branding Kaytee 
    3. Update Student Network – & plans for rest of year.  Paul, Kayla and Dave. 
    4. Update HEA Recognition- Michelle 
    5. Vote Large/Small college realignment to 8,500/9,000 full time students. Aoife
  3. Update Partnership with Student Affairs Ireland 
  4. Update Awards 2020
  • Call for Judges Registration
  • Improvements off the back of last year?
  1. Update Date & Venue for 2021 Awards- 14th-15th April 
  2. Discuss Student Network Job Description-. Dave 
  3. Seed Funding Applications 2020 Aoife
    1. BICS Survey Dave
  4. Discuss 25th Anniversary…let’s make a fuss! All 
  5. Discuss Post Awards Email Signatures and Digital Badges Michelle 
  6. Discuss USI Student Achievement Awards Sponsorship Michelle
  7. AOB 

There is an Executive Meeting on Thursday 5th 3pm -7pm in The Sheraton Hotel in Athlone.

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